PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — This patriotic holiday weekend find News 5’s Drexel Gilbert on the road to a sentimental journey, with musical military spouses who are sharing their patriotism and low of community through song.

Meet The Blue Anchor Belles. Armed with nostalgic WWII-era songs, the look and sound of the Andrews Sisters, and a love of community and each other, these military spouses are sharing their patriotism with song.

The group was founded by Rachel Lahr, also known as Goldie, who was kind of lonely when she and her husband were stationed in Oklahoma.

“I decided, why not do a little patriotic group of military spouses and so I advertised all over the base for singers,” says Lahr.

Cera Boyle answered the call and later, when Rachel and Cera were transferred with their husbands to NAS Pensacola, they found other singing spouses, like Claire Frear, to keep the music going.

“We thought it would be fun to bring boogie woogie back to Pensacola,” says Lahr.

Seven Belles are currently in the group. They take turns performing for civic and private events, like the one we attended this week for Escambia High School teachers.

The singers say their greatest love is performing for military veterans and their families in assisted living and memory care facilities.

“Always, every day, recognizing our veterans and the sacrifices they’ve made,” says Lahr.

They also appreciate the sisterhood they’ve created through music.

These are my favorite people in the world,” says Boyle, adding, “we’ve even taken ‘family’ vacations together!”

“The Blue Anchor Belles have become my family,” says Frear.

And, on this patriotic holiday of remembrance, the Blue Anchor Belles hope their music brings something to your family as well.

“Sharing music, sharing joy and loving the country that we come from,” says Lahr.

If you’d like to know more about the Blue Anchor Belles, and their availability for bookings, check out their website.