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PENSACOLA, Fla. WKRG) — With social isolation in place, a lot of us feel like we’ve been living in a bubble. In one small Pensacola neighborhood, the residents are taking bubbles to the extreme by going into their street and blowing giant bubbles!

Pat Johnson says he and his sister came up with the big-bubble idea awhile back. They wanted to blow giant bubbles off cliffs in Utah. Pat did a lot of research and came up with a giant-bubble recipe. He says Covid-19 isolation seemed a perfect time for this bubbling distraction, that has turned into a neighborhood hit!

“It wasn’t so much a planned thing as it was ‘let’s blow bubbles!’, said Johnson. “And naturally, people are going to check you out and say ‘What they heck are they doing? I’ve never seen bubbles so big!’”

Neighbors like Jeanne Tew were quick to try bubbling. She learned early on that it takes skill.

“There is a technique,” said Tew. “It’s a matter of getting it up and holding it together and the bubble flows, but you’ve also got to gently close it off for it to really make a bubble.”

Her first bubbles weren’t as successful as later ones because, “I would get so excited just watching my bubble, I’d forget to close it back up and my bubble would pop!” said Tew.

Both Johnson and Tew say these types of simple, even silly, distractions are important in times like these.

“It’s important now because everybody’s anxious,” said Tew. “My mother is in a nursing home and my kids are 7 and 8 hours away. So, there are lots of things to be anxious about. But if you can get out and have fun and be a kid again, be silly, make bubbles, it helps take your mind off it.”

“Big bubbles, no troubles!” laughs Johnson. “If you want to have fun, go to a park and blow bubbles! It’s something that is just fun.”

Pat Johnson was kind enough to share his bubble recipe with you!


Giant Bubble Recipe by Pat Johnson

4 Quarts water 160 ML Dawn Ultra (.423 cups) 6 G Guar Gum 4 G Baking Soda 2 G Citric Acid 1/2 oz iso alcohol (The Guar Gum can be purchased at Health Food Stores like Evermans here in Pensacola.) Pat says he made the 100% cotton loop with cotton rope that he pulled the polyester core out of. The loop needs to be without gaps to hold the soap. The wands just make it easier to make big bubbles. It’s possible to use other apparatuses to make the bubbles but we wanted BIG BUBBLES!


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