PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — The Pensacola Blue Wahoos are having a really good season both on the field and in the Pensacola community. What does it take to be a part of this hometown team? Drexel Gilbert is On the Road in Blue Wahoos Stadium to find out.

“You see players here on this field that tomorrow might be playing in Miami or for another major league team,” said Donna Kirby with the Blue Wahoos.

“It’s a great community, small, tight knit, just like the stadium here,’ said team manager, Kevin Randel.

The team works hard for the wins and for the fans.

“Nobody wants to go further in their careers than theses guys, so they work hard, they show up,” said Kirby.

So, as a hometown Pensacola girl, I figured I’m a fan and can work hard and show up. I asked manager, Kevin Randel if he thought he could find a place for me on the team.

He asked me if I could hit, field and run. I tried, but decided I needed a lot more practice!

Never the quitter, I asked another member of the Wahoos management team if there was anything for me to do on this team. That’s when they had me try on the roach mascot costume and take a run around the park.

“The roach leads all the kids in the stadium on a big run across the field after the 6th inning. Want to try it?” asked Jordan Morrow.

I did want to try it! And it was fun! Fun, just like the games at Blue Wahoos Stadium. The Wahoos have a home stand that lasts through this Sunday, May 15.