PENSACOLA, Fla. (WKRG) — Halloween is almost here and that got us to thinking about candy! On a search for candy makers in Pensacola, we found a candy store that’s also a trip down memory lane. Tucked in between Navy Boulevard’s many antique stores stands another throwback to an earlier time: the Remember When Sweet Shop. It’s as much about memories as it is about candy, says owner Ellen Bridges.

“I grew up in a candy store. My parents had one in the 60s and early 70s so I’m coming full circle by having my own candy store. They purchased the store when I was five, so I was behind the counter making milkshakes and ice cream shortly thereafter, standing on milkcrates to see over the counter.”

Bridges wants her customers to have the same sweet experience of her childhood. So, she’s stocked the store with a “taste” of nostalgia… candy bars from her childhood, retro wall décor, and of course, her homemade, handmade, small-batch fudges, truffles, and other treats.

Bridges takes the old-fashioned, simple approach to making her candies and fudge. She mixes the candies in small batches, uses a normal-sized mixer, and there’s lots of hand-stirring of ingredients. It might take longer, but Bridges says it’s worth it.

“I think it tastes better,” says Bridges. “And it stays fresher when you are making small batches. You are constantly making fresh candy.”

When asked what she gets out of owning and running this nostalgic candy store, Bridges says that it’s fun!

“You are selling something that people want and that makes them smile! I always want to get up and come to work. And I get here early just so I can get things done or make things new. So, I don’t even think of it as a job. It’s a second home for me.”

And that brings a whole new meaning to home “sweet” home.

By the way, American consumers are expected to spend $3.1 billion on Halloween candy this year! Trick or Treat!

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