SAN DIEGO, Cali. — A tiger cub was found in a car at the Otay Mesa Border Crossing in August of 2017. He is fully grown and lives at an animal sanctuary called ‘Lions, Tigers and Bears.’

Bobbi Brink runs Lions, Tigers and Bears. She and her staff took in the little cub, which has turned into the now fully grown Mocha. He shares his home with another rescued tiger named Nola. She came from Louisiana.

“They were both the same age so they made good friends. She is kind of his strength, she’ll be the first one to go out and check something out then slowly but surely he’ll be right behind her,” said Brink.

Brink says unfortunately, both tigers were victims of a crime not too many people are aware of.

“A lot of people don’t know the exotic animal trade is in our country is second to guns and weapons and human trafficking,” said Brink. “There’s hundreds of these animals that need help, homes, animals need our help they are endangered species getting treated like this.”

It’s not known what happened to the 18-year-old who tried to smuggle mocha through the border crossing. But it appears the once little cub who became famous now has a great home.