MCHENRY, Ky. (CNN) — A group of teens jumped in action to save a dog from drowning in Kentucky on Sunday.

After five inches of rainfall in Mchenry, residents were scrambling to keep their possessions from washing away in the flood waters. Michael Taylor says he and some others noticed something unusual caught in the moving water.

“We’d seen the dog bobbing in the water for a few minutes and we were concerned about his safety,” Taylor said.

A group of young men noticed the struggling animal. With little hesitation, they entered the water to save the canine.

“We just dove into it. He pointed us to where it was at. Nobody else was going in to get it so we were like ‘who cares.’ We went in there and got it. The only thing we could see was his nose popping out of the water and he was trying to breathe for air and you could see him breathing and making snot come out. It was really scared. It was trying to get out of my arms, but once it realized I was saving it, it didn’t want to go nowhere,” they said.

The move didn’t surprise some who know the boys personally.

“The hardest working group of guys I’ve ever seen for someone their age. They’re always helping out somebody. So it didn’t surprise me a bit when they said they saved a dog,” said Dennis Minton.

The dog was returned to his owner who was overcome with emotion and grateful for the kind act. The dog is doing well and doesn’t show any signs of injury.