The three new tiger cubs born on March 19th are finally being welcomed to the Roosevelt Park Zoo’s tiger habitat.

4-year-old Zoya is an endangered Amur tiger (only 350-400 are believed to be left in the wild), who was transferred to Minot’s zoo in 2019. She and Viktor, a 10-year-old Amur brought to North Dakota in 2013, are the proud parents of Roosevelt Park’s newest residents.

The litter consists of two male cubs (Luka and Dimitri) and one female (Viktoria), who, after the second round of vaccinations and a medical checkup, have been deemed old and healthy enough to be moved to the enclosure with their mother.

In their new home, the cubs will be given access to sunshine, grass, and trees — as well as the sounds of traffic and the appearance of zoo visitors. Across the enclosure, the cubs will be able to view the separate habitat of their father and see and smell him for the first time. Zoya and her cubs will still have access to the upper habitat and dayroom, in case they need access to a safe and quiet area to unwind.

Although crowds will certainly be flocking to see the cubs in action, the zoo warns that the tiger cubs may not constantly be on the go as they’re hoping.

“Guests need to remember that they are still cubs,” says Roosevelt Park Zoo director Jeff Bullock, “and as such, they’re going to play hard and sleep hard. So if they’re napping when you first come by the enclosure, check again before you leave. You won’t want to miss it.”