BEAVERTON, Ore. (KOIN) — Over the past few months, Kate Felmet has noticed her cat has really ramped up the number of masks, cloth, and gloves she’s pilfered from a nearby park and her neighbors’ garages.

It’s been so many, in fact, that Felmet made a sign letting the neighborhood know her cat, named Esme, is a “thief” and people should come by and take back what she stole.

“As soon as I put the sign up, she went for a week of not bringing me anything. I had the impression she was a little mad about it,” she said.

Felmet said people come “every now and then” to take things, but mostly they want a look at the sign.

“People come by and mostly take pictures, but we had the school bus drive by and take a few pairs of gloves,” Felmet said. “I’ve been thinking about making another sign that says take a pair of gloves if you want ’em.”

Felmet said she’s seen articles — even from around the world — saying she’s shaming Esme with the sign. But she doesn’t think the cat’s ashamed. In fact, she thinks Esme is proud of everything she’s collected.

“When she brings them, she comes to the back door and yowls, like ‘Wooooar!’ until I come and tell her she’s done a good job,” she said.