ALBANY, New York (CNN) — It’s a story of an ordinary squirrel and an extraordinary friendship. Henry Wooster was driving to work when he saw an injured baby squirrel on the road– still alive, but unconscious. Not many people would stop, but he did.

Henry and his mom cleaned up the squirrel then sent out a baby squirrel distress call hoping its mother would hear it. When she didn’t show, they took the squirrel home and nursed him back to health.

Eventually they thought it was time to say goodbye– but what happened next surprised them. The squirrel, who they named ‘Nutkin’ because of his love of nuts, didn’t leave. Now, every day without fail, nutkin returns to visit his human family.

“I’ve always seen things on the internet, people stopping, saving animals so I thought I could do the same maybe. He’s never really left us,” said Henry Wooster.

“It was kinda crazy. I didn’t expect him to stay,” Debbie Wooster said.