Stafford County, Va. (CNN) — A sergeant in Stafford County, Virginia is back at it again, rescuing yet another injured bald eagle in the county. It is his 19th rescue and he says after all these years, he still gets butterflies. Some people call him Sergeant Anthony McCall.

“When I accepted this job, I never thought I would be going after eagles,” said Sergeant Anthony McCall, Stafford County Animal Control deputy.

Others call him the eagle whisperer.

I don’t know if I like it too much at first but it’s growing on me, I kind of like it,” Sergeant McCall said.

The animal control deputy found a calling in helping to save injured bald eagles.

Sergeant McCall said, “Everybody in the office knows if an eagle call comes out, I want to go do it.”

Wednesday he rescued his nineteenth injured bald eagle in Stafford County.

“I still get butterflies and I still get excited, it’s an eagle,” said Sergeant McCall.

He says over the years, the calls for eagle rescues have increased.

“I didn’t know they were that prevalent. They weren’t when I first stared but they’re getting more and more every year,” said Sergeant McCall.

And although he’s seen as somewhat of an eagle expert he is still always surprised by how big they are.

He said, “They are big. When you get your hands on them you get to see how big they are and why they are the nation’s bird. They are beautiful and very powerful. We will go out and get it but it’s the long-term care they are being provided with from the wildlife centers and the rehabbers and the state that really deserve the recognition in this.”

McCall’s latest rescue was found on railroad tracks.