Good Samaritan pays vet bill after fire

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SOUTH BEND, Ind. (WSBT) — After a tense week, an Osceola resident is sharing about how there’s still some good in the world.

Saturday afternoon, Dave Davis and his girlfriend were out of the house for a few hours, but when they got back, they found smoke and a warm door handle.

“Pushed it open, tons of smoke came out, it was completely thick, black, incredibly hot. It was insane,” Dave said.

It turns out a fire had started in the bathroom of the Osceola home, owned by Dave’s father, and caused massive damage while they were out. The only thing Dave could think about in the moment was getting to his pets.

“I couldn’t see more than one foot in front of my face,” he said.

His dog Lucifer ran outside on his own, but the dog’s brother Zeus was unconscious. Dave covered his face and brought him outside, even ripping out the fence to his backyard to get him to the car, and then headed to an emergency vet.

“He was still breathing, but I could tell he was in very bad shape,” said Dave.

Dave laid on the porch with Zeus, breathing into his mouth and trying to give him doggy CPR. The fire department gave him a pet oxygen mask that Zeus wore as they drove towards the emergency room.

In the parking lot of the Grape Road Emergency Animal Clinic, Dave learned he’d need more than $4,000 for Zeus to even be treated. He desperately tried to get an emergency credit card, but came up $500 short. He tried one last attempt to negotiate.

“They called me as I was walking to the door to tell me that some woman had paid the entire $4,300 bill in full, a Good Samaritan in the parking lot,” Dave said.

Dave had been chatting, stressing, with a few people in the parking lot about his situation. He thinks he knows who gave the money– and wrote her a thank you note that was delivered through the animal clinic.

“The woman had said that she would pray for me. She was a very beautiful middle-aged woman with beautiful makeup and I know in my heart I feel like she’s the one that did that. I just want to tell her thank you so much,” said Davis.

Zeus stayed at the Grape Road clinic from Saturday through Monday, then was then taken to another animal clinic. While there, even more people helped out with the bills, which were thousands more dollars than Dave could afford.

“I had assumed our bill would be much much higher than it wasn’t it was dramatically lower than I had. Thought so I knew someone was really looking out for us at Kryder and we appreciate it very much,” Dave said.

Zeus was taken to a third facility where he fought until early Tuesday morning, bleeding from his lungs. The veterinarians said it would be best to put him down.

“He tried so hard and we did everything we could, and I’m just happy to know he isn’t hurting anymore,” said Davis.

Dave’s girlfriend’s cat, Bandit, died in the fire. Zeus’s brother Lucifer, another half-pit-half-boxer from the same litter, is surviving but now has severe anxiety and depression.

“I just want everyone to know how great of a dog Zeus was. How much we cared about him. And also how thankful we are to the community for helping us,” Dave said.

The stuff in the house will be replaced by insurance, but nothing will ever replace Zeus. The memories of his final days, made possible by a Good Samaritan, are priceless.

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