ST. LOUIS, Mo. (CNN) — Ten adorable puppies rescued from a fire by first responders have taken St. Louis by storm. They’re still too young to get adopted, and anyone who wants one will have to get in line. The puppies were rescued from the heavy smoke of a burning apartment building in north St. Louis Friday afternoon. Captain Garon Mosby was on scene.

“The next thing I know, there are a lot of firefighters going in and they just start bringing out puppies. And it’s tough to keep this white shirt clean and anyone that knows me knows me knows I like to keep it clean, but they came out with the puppies and I’m like I’ll hold one,” said Captain Garon Mosby with the St. Louis Fire Department.

The pups were found in a kennel suffering from minor smoke inhalation. But loving care and oxygen got the bulldog puppies back to good health.

“We put this up on our social media and there were a lot of questions about the condition of mom. Well, mom got out and was in the back yard and so mom is fine and the puppies are fine,” said Captain Mosby

Ever since that video went online, people have been contacting the fire department headquarters wanting to know if those puppies are up for adoption. The owner told the fire department not yet. But there are already some firefighter and police officers interested.

“I really wanted one. Negotiations didn’t go very well at home,” said Captain Mosby.

Firefighters are courageous and caring.

“We always want to leave things better then we found them. And if that means getting down in our gear and trying to revive these pups that need us at the time, that’s what were gonna do,” Captain Mosby said.