DALLAS, Tex. (CBS NEWSPATH) — A stray dog that was trapped under an SUV has a new home with one of the firefighters who rescued her.

Maryanne Davidson was walking in the White Rock area on April 10 with friends. When they returned to her car, they discovered the animal stuck near the car’s engine.

“We saw that there was an animal underneath our vehicle. We try very hard to get it out to start with a small dog. And when we moved the car the dog would move we could not get this dog out of the car so we call 311, and 911 in Dallas rescue Dallas Fire Rescue were on the scene.”


Firefighters removed one of the tires on the SUV so they could access the dog from the top and bottom of the engine compartment. Once she was rescued, she was transferred to Dallas Animal Services and Adoption Center.

Firefighter James Tooter Hayes, who helped with the rescue, adopted the dog and named her Grace.

“It took two hours – we had to take the car apart took off the tire, but it took two hours to get this beautiful girl out from underneath the engine. And the best part of this story is Firefighter Tooter Hayes with Station 31 has adopted this little girl. I asked him, ‘what are you gonna name her?’. And he said well the grace of God brought us together so her name will be Grace.”