Animals: Silver medalist’s secret to sidestep stress

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(CNN) — Four years ago, Sandi Morris pole vaulted her way to a silver medal at the Rio Olympic Games. In 2020, she’s on a quest for gold.

“Now I am a veteran there’s a little pressure, I have more eyeballs on me,” Morris said.

But Sandi has a small secret to sidestep stress.

“Kind of matches my shirt,” said Morris.

When she’s home, Sandi is more than a world-class athlete; she’s more like a zookeeper.

She said, “I have a fascination with reptiles specifically.”

From dogs to birds to geckos to skunks to plenty of snakes.

“My animals are definitely my escape from my busy, busy life and my stressful life,” Morris said.

Her slithering companions have been her passion for years. And Sandi is also a Gecko breeder. Her two lizards just had 13 babies.

Sandi is currently touring the world for her indoor season. She opened that season with a victory in New York.

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