SACRAMENTO, Cali. (CBS) — Little Mumble is just days old and already has quite a tale to tell. Jennifer Pasquetti with Pacific Waterfowl Rescue took Mumble in after someone dumped the baby duckling at a lake, hardly giving it a shot at surviving.

Pasquetti says kids were tormenting the little bird, chucking rocks at it.

“It’s heartbreaking to know first off that somebody would dump a domestic animal first off and that other people would be cruel to it. To show such animal cruelty is just heartbreaking to me,” she said. “Domestics can’t fly so when you dump them at a local pond or park you’re basically giving them a death sentence. Domestics don’t know how to live on their own.”

From lonely to loved, Mumble not only has a shot at life but hope for a long one ahead now in a forever home.