VIDEO: World’s fastest ice cream truck

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(CNN) — Blink and you’ll miss them, lightning fast, record-breaking electric ice cream trucks could be headed to your neighborhood!

If you’ve ever wondered how fast the world’s fastest electric ice cream truck is, you’re about to get the inside scoop! British Daredevil Edd China spent two years modifying an ice cream van to turn it electric and shock the world by breaking the Guinness World Record. On the not-so-rocky road of a UK, airfield he hit a blistering speed of almost 74 mph. That’s pretty good considering ice cream vans are known for operating at a standstill.

Plus, there are other more important questions, like does it play a whimsical jingle? But also, why an ice cream van? Well, Edd found out some of the vans were getting banned from London neighborhoods over toxic fuel emissions. So he decided to build some electric treat truck tech in hopes of bringing the sweet scoops back to the masses.


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