Setting records: Wheelie trash can and electric wheelchair burn rubber

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CBS NEWSPATH — Two unusual world land speed records were smashed in England on Sunday with a motorized wheelie trash can and an electric wheelchair reaching speeds of over 40 miles (64.3 km) per hour.

The contenders raced at Elvington airfield in northeast England at the Straightliners land speed record event in their bids to be recognized as Guinness world record holders.

Andy Jennings set the record for the world’s fastest wheelie bin, reaching just over 43 mph (69.2 km/h) in his contraption, which he created using a motorbike engine and parts of a mobility scooter.

Using a custom-made electric wheelchair, Jason Liversidge, who has motor neurone disease, hit almost 67 mph (108 km/h), beating the previous record of 62 mph (100 km/h).

Other contenders weren’t as lucky in their attempts – a motorized wheel barrow user’s effort to beat a base speed of 42.5 mph (68.4 km/h) had not yet been verified by Guinness World Records.


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