Motorcycle journalist missing in CA for over a week

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SACRAMENTO, Cal. (CNN)  Tuesday morning, rescue crews in California will continue their search for a journalist who’s been missing for nearly a week now. 43-year-old David Johnson is a veteran automotive journalist from Sacramento. He was riding a motorcycle for an upcoming magazine issue, but no one’s heard from him since.

Upwards of 70 search and rescue personnel scouring the north fork of the Mokelumne River in Calaveras County, the last known whereabouts Johnson. His girlfriend, Jaclyn Trop, reported him missing, “Davey was unlike anyone I have ever known, and probably will ever know — just so bright and warm and enthusiastic. We thought this year was going to be the best year of our lives, but it’s not shaping up that way.”

She last heard from her boyfriend five days ago while he was testing a motorcycle across the Sierra, crossing the Senora Pass on his way back to Sacramento, “he said that he had been out riding all day and that he was tired, but very much alive and that he loved me very much.” The 43-year-old’s motorcycle, phone, laptop and backpack found at a rest stop near Mokelumne hill but still no sight of him, “I think right now I feel completely emotionally exhausted, whereas an hour ago I was just crying on the floor. They’ve been far beyond the worst possible days I could ever imagine for myself.”

The county says they’re requesting more resources for Tuesday’s search. 


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