Motorcycle crash victim searching for “angels” who helped him

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INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WTTV/CBS NEWSPATH) – An Indianapolis family is searching for their angels. In a moment of shock and fear, three random people jumped into action to help a man they have never met. Now, that man is sharing his story in hopes of tracing down the good citizens.

It’s been one long week of recovery for Duane Thalley. “I flew off the bike and I landed on my knees, slid, started rolling,” explained Thalley. On Aug. 11 around 9 p.m. he was riding his motorcycle on Highway 135.

“I can see him coming, so for a second I had to think what was about to happen next?” said Thalley. As Thalley approached the intersection, he was hit by a car. “Then I just laid on my back in a ditch,” added Thalley.Thankfully, Thalley is going to be OK. What could have changed his life for the worse, has now inspired him for the better.

“I just thought I was alone,” Thalley said .Turns out, he wasn’t. A young man who witnessed the crash came up to him to help calm him down. Thalley says the man asked him to lie down and told him everything was going to be OK, as he called Thalley’s wife and paramedics to the scene. During that time, two other women came over to help.

“I could feel the love in the way they were holding my hand,” said Thalley.

Pictured: Duane Thalley

He was taken to the hospital before he could say thank you or catch their names. “I know the paramedics and the cops, they did their job very well, but to me they were my heroes,” said Thalley. Thalley’s story has now been shared on social media close to 3,000 times, with hundreds of comments. He hopes he will soon be able to say thank you.

“I can’t imagine that experience without them now. I needed them at that time, and I didn’t even know it,” said Thalley, “If they don’t want to come out, that’s fine. They might not want to be seen, but I just wanted to say thank you for the bottom of my heart and I will pay it forward as they did to me.”

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