Looking Out For Motorcycles in Warmer Months

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A local man was found dead days after he was reported missing. Police found the body of 61-year-old Dean Eshom of Bella Vista next to his wrecked motorcycle on Sunday (April 14). 

As the weather gets nicer, it’s guaranteed more motorcycles will be on the road. Sergeant Gene Page with the Bentonville Police Department said it’s no surprise motorcycle accidents increase this time of year. 

Sergeant Page said drivers may experience inattentional blindness on the road. This is when people don’t notice a fully visible but unexpected object.

Since there aren’t many motorcycles out during colder months, it can be easy for drivers to not be looking for them. But with more people pulling their bikes out of their garages to ride, Sergeant Page said drivers need to remember they have the upper hand when it comes to safety.

“On those motorcycles, they have nothing around them,” Sergeant Page said. “Nothing to protect them other than the gear they’re going to wear. And when they have that kind of collision with a motor vehicle, usually, it’s always going to be the motorcycle that’s going to lose.”

Sergeant Page also said this doesn’t only apply to motorcycles. This is for any motorized vehicle on two wheels including mopeds and scooters. He urges everyone to take the time to look at they’re driving.

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