Former Colorado officer apologizes to Hells Angels motorcyclist for traffic stop that led to resignation

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LASALLE, Colo. (KDVR) — A Colorado police officer has apologized to a member of the Hells Angels after what is being described as an illegal traffic stop.

The April 2018 stop was caught on the officer’s body camera and reveals a conversation the officer did not know was being recorded.

The video shows LaSalle police Officer David Miller stopping two motorcyclists.

One of the men, Anthony Mills, is a member of the motorcycle group Hells Angels.

On the Miller’s body cam, one can hear him say, “The reason I pulled you guys over is you are going way too fast.”

Attorney Sarah Schielke says that traffic stop then turned into an hour-long illegal detention with the help of a dozen other officers who showed up.

“The more concerning thing is that there were a lot of inappropriate things said and none of the officers spoke up or had any opposition to it,” Schielke said.

The police video provided by Schielke then shows a view from inside the officer’s car.

At times, it shows one of the officer’s hands while it recorded a conversation about waiting for other officers from Greeley.

The officer can be heard saying, “I have no problem holding these ***** till Greeley gets down here.”

Schielke sued on behalf of Mills, saying he was being unlawfully detained and harassed because he and the other motorcyclist are Hells Angels.

The officer then talks about using his gun if Mills did something he didn’t like.

“I’m shootin’ ’em. I need some paid vacation,” Miller said.

Miller reportedly thought he had turned off his body cam.

“Hearing what police say when they think they are not being recorded is what I think is the best insight we have to the state of policing and police culture today,” Schielke said.

Miller resigned and wrote an apology to Mills.

Mills was paid $25,000 in a settlement with five police agencies. He declined an interview.

FOX31 and Channel 2 were unable to reach Miller.


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