Bikers send loud message to abused, neglected trafficked kids: “You are loved”

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SAN ANTONIO, Tex. (KENS/CBS Newspath) — Showing children someone cares. That’s what a group of San Antonio bikers did this weekend at a shelter for kids and teens who’ve been abused neglected or trafficked. Riders United for Children often hit the road to visit with kids who’ve gone through tough times. “They’re typically pretty reserved and we show up at first and they’re hiding in the corner almost and they find out they’re getting a short ride on a motorcycle- and bang, they’re out of their shell. It’s a great way to get introduced,” said Tom Patterson, Alamo chapter president.

This weekend they helped in a new way, making a donation to Roy Maas Youth Alternatives. They’ve been abused, neglected, abandoned and sometimes they’ve been trafficked. At Roy Maas we’re able to give them therapeutic care, a safe place to live, food, clothing and a lot of love and caring. They lugged in dozens of duffel bags, bringing something kids can carry with them. It may seem simple, but for some it makes a major difference.

They have nothing but the clothes on their backs or they’re carrying possessions in a big black trash bag so the donation of duffel bags or backpacks give them something to put their possessions in so when they move on, they can do that with dignity. Roy Maas will fill this luggage with items that remind kids and teens they’re valued. Things like, clothes, a stuffed animal, a phone card, and other important personal items will be inside.  Riders United hopes to do the same, by spending time with kids across San Antonio, who could use some extra support.

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