Bikers connect over broken HVAC system, contractor wants to help veteran

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MOBILE, Ala. (WKRG) — Batchelor’s Service received what started out as a routine call. The company’s owner, Benjamin Ring, soon found out the caller was a Vietnam veteran and Purple Heart recipient.

Ring says the veteran had an HVAC system that was improperly installed. The parts were pricey and difficult to buy. So, Ring says, he quoted the veteran for a new system, which Ring says would have been more cost-effective.

While it was still expensive, Ring wanted to help.

Ring says when he and the veteran started talking, they discovered their shared passion for motorcycles. He also learned the veteran’s wife was very sick and required a nurse during the day to help out.

According to the Go Fund Me page Ring set up, ” He isn’t able to work and has a hard time getting around. The space heaters he has rounded up to keep his wife warm are pulling a lot of amps and I’m worried it might stress his old electric wiring in the house causing a fire and a very high electric bill. His money is tied up in medicine and medical co-pays for his wife. He isn’t the type to ask for help. He does deserve it though. “

Ring says if he can raise the money by 3 p.m. Friday, he can install a new HVAC system by “bedtime” Friday evening.

Here’s a link to the Go-Fund-Me page set up by Ring.


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