BIKER DAD: Video shows biker punched in helmet during alleged Florida road rage

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(WKRG) — In a video posted to Youtube called “Florida Road Rage!” a biker is punched in the helmet after an encounter at an intersection.


The video posted by Daniel Cuevas shows him riding through the intersection when an SUV turns into the roadway too. Although the SUV clears the intersection before the bike, the rider takes offense and gets angry with the driver of the SUV.

“You don’t look?” the rider yells at the driver from behind, waving his hands. “You know I got you on camera right? Go let’s go!” the biker says as he continues to wave his hands at the driver. He then aggressively passes the SUV despite the double yellow lines on the road.

Then, both the drive and the biker pull over onto the shoulder. The driver gets out of his SUV, you can see him approaching in the bike’s mirror. The rider gets off his bike and walks towards the driver too. “What?!! What’s your problem,” the biker yells, “what’s your problem bro? You clearly saw me and you know your light was red right?”

The driver replies, but you can’t make out what he’s saying until he exclaims “f*$%, and punches the biker right in the helmet. The camera falls to the ground. At first it appears that the biker is knocked out. But continue watching and it looks more like the helmet fell off his head.

The video doesn’t say exactly where this happened in Florida or if anyone called the police. Both the rider and the driver would probably be in trouble if they did.

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Chris Best is the News Director for WKRG. He’s a husband and father of four. He’s also a motorcycle enthusiast.

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