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SAN ANTONIO (CNN/WKRG) – A young woman who just transitioned out of the Navy needs the community’s help. She was badly injured and fighting for her life after a crash in San Antonio. According to a police report a van pulled out in front of her from a parking lot on January 15th.

I spoke with Marnie Stokes’ girlfriend in Texas. She says stokes has broken leg, fractured jaw, broken finger and traumatic brain injury. She just woke up a few days ago and still can’t speak. She has started responding with hand gestures. Dora Garza tells me Stokes just got out of the navy the first week of December after three years of service. “She was only back for a month and this happened,” said Garza, “it’s really sad to see someone like that in a situation like this. Anybody and everybody who met her loved her.” Stokes will be in the hospital for at least four more weeks. But it’s unclear if the brain injuries are permanent and that could mean even more time in care. Doctors are going to have to wire her jaw shut for two weeks.

According to the report, the driver didn’t see the motorcycle, pulled out to make a right turn in the second lane of traffic. The bike slammed into the van and thew stokes off.

Drawing of accident from police report

I’m told that since she recently left the U.S. Navy she has no health insurance to cover the costly hospital bills. Her riding group, “Evil Family,” has set up a fundraiser for her, a Go Fund Me page to help pay for her medical bills. Click here if you’d like to help.

The Go Fund Me post reads: “Our sister and fellow motorcycle enthusiast Stokes, was involved in a life threatening motorcycle accident. She recently transitioned out of the military and is in between health insurances. She has been in the ICU for over a week and we want to make sure her family and girlfriend don’t have to worry about medical expenses and other bills. So we are raising money to make sure the focus is on her recovery. For those who know her, she is a kind-hearted person who supports the community and would do anything to ensure the ones she loves are taken care of. Now its our turn to make sure she is taken care of in her time of need. “

I spoke with the San Antonio Police Department who tell me that according to the crash report, “the van was reported ‘failing to yield right of way – private drive.’  This would place ‘blame’ on this unit’s driver/operator; however, this case is still under investigation.”

So far there have been no charges filed in the crash.

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