25th annual Dream Cruise hits the streets of the Motor City

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ROYAL OAK, Mich. (FOX 2/CBS NEWSPATH) – A 69 Camaro with 500 horse, gives owner Bonita Terrell Chills.

“Just power, just power, I mean just a rush,” Bonita said.

Bonita is showing off her beauty just to prove to people that this “muscular car thing” is not just a man’s game.

If you attended the Dream Cruise, you got to see a little bit of everything along Woodward.

“It’s a 1947 Chevy pickup, with 39 other vehicles all mixed in,” said Robert Pope.

Robert was inspired by making model cars as a kid, which is why he’s got a some of everything on his beauty he bought to the cruise.

“I have motorcycle, car parts, bicycle boats and boat parts,” Robert said.

Robert got most of his add-ons during a stint at a scrap yard.

There was also a 1980 Rolls Royce Shadow present. You might have remembered it from the famous mustard commercials.

“Everybody that sees it just says ‘hey do you have some grey poupon?’ and I say ‘of course,” said Rolls Royce owner David Jamel.

Finally, it wouldn’t be a Dream Cruise without those sleek looking Corvettes.

“I worked on Corvettes for General Motors for years and I just have always been a fan of Corvettes my whole life,” said Corvette owner Shipp.

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