Young mother warns others after Lyft driver accused of sexual misconduct

Baldwin County

FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — Thirteen minutes, that’s how long 19-year-old Rachel Smith was in a car with former “Lyft” driver, 66-year-old John Robertson of Gulf Shores.

“It was weird,” she says. “He was playing some music, sad opera music and it was pretty loud too.” But that wasn’t the weirdest part. She says while she and her 3-month-old son were in the backseat she noticed he kept looking at her in the rearview mirror.

“After about three or four times of him looking at me in the rearview mirror and us making direct eye contact, I started to get uncomfortable. I was just looking at my phone and when I glanced up I noticed his arm moving in an indecent way.” In shock and scared she recorded a short, seven-second video. “I ended up taking the video mostly because I felt like if I didn’t take it it’s so outrageous who would believe it.”

Even though she couldn’t believe what was happening she stayed in the car. “I wanted to get out, just jump out but at that point in time, I just was worried about my three-month-old son. I can’t get out in 40-degree weather and walk. I kind of played it cool until I could get out.” When she did, she says, she saw Robertson fully exposed in the front seat.

“When I was getting out of the car the most unsettling thing he said to me was you and your beautiful baby have a good day. In that moment I felt like, what if it was geared towards my baby? What if it wasn’t about me at all? What if it was about my son?”

After this experience, Smith says she is through with ride-sharing apps because there is no guarantee it won’t happen again.

Robertson is out on 500 dollars bond on the misdemeanor charge. News 5 reached out to him to get his side of the story but he has not responded.

Meanwhile, Lyft has de-activated him as a driver but it appears he still remains active as an Uber driver.


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