SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG) – In just under 15 seconds the old 1,000-foot WKRG broadcast tower in Spanish Fort came crashing down Monday morning. It was a planned demolition, and luckily there were no surprises.

“It’s nice here in the fact that the very top came all the way back to the base, and what that does for the cleanup contractor is there’s less of the tower out there in the woods so he’s got a smaller tighter area to work. Easier to cleanup,” said Thomas Doud with The Loizeaux Group who set the explosives.

Doud and his crew set off 3 pounds of explosives, something easy to hear across the city of Spanish Fort. Some residents living closeby watched from a distance as the tower fell, witnessing something not seen often here.

“No, especially not a block from my house. I’ve seen a lot of stuff up here, but that was number one,” said Edward Cooley.

Utility crews prepped the tower site early Monday morning lowering lines and making sure there would be no disruptions after the demo. They reported no major issues and were already putting lines back up minutes after the explosion.

The taller 1,800-foot tower is the main tower for WKRG, so don’t worry there are no interruptions to your programming. The old tower was built in 1957, but was no longer needed. WKRG viewers won’t notice any change over the air, but for those who have lived along Highway 31 for years things look much different Monday afternoon.

“I’ve lived here for 57 years. I’ve seen them build the other one, but I didn’t know both of them belonged to channel 5,” added Cooley.