LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — January is turning out to be another busy month for Willow Farms horse rescue in Loxley.

Over the weekend two horses that had almost been starved to death were surrendered by their owner to Willow Farms horse rescue in Loxley. One of the horses died just hours after arriving at the farm. The other, a Palomino, has a long road ahead to get healthy but is showing signs of improvement.

Janet Hein runs the non-profit rescue group. She says there is no reason to let horses get in this condition.

“There is just no sense to it and don’t be embarrassed that you are going to get in trouble,” said Hein. “Yes, it’s something to be ashamed of, but we are not going to report you if you surrendered to us. But, if the law has to come in and then we get them, then you are in trouble.”

January is traditionally a busy month at the rescue. Hein says people just don’t want to or can’t afford to feed their horses through the winter.

In the last two weeks, three horses have been surrendered to the rescue, all malnourished. There are currently 24 horses at the farm.

Willow Farms is a non-profit survives on donations, volunteers and the kindness of strangers.