What’s in the water of Perdido Bay?

Baldwin County

LILLIAN, Ala. (WKRG) Floating in the water of Perdido Bay, in some cases, blobs as big as tabletops. “It’s horrible looking,” says Christine Baker of Lillian. “It looks oily and dirty. It doesn’t look good for anybody.”

A mystery that some say is sewage or algae or even remnants from recent forest fires in Florida.

“I promise you I thought my septic tank was overflowing it smelled so bad.” Susan Wells has a house on the bay. Her beach is covered with the stuff. “This was not a plant smell. This was not a corn bin and your corn has gotten rotten. This was your cows have been in the house. This was bad.”

News 5 called Mobile Baykeeper to help figure out what was going on. They don’t normally test the water of Perdido Bay but were happy to try and provide some answers. “It’s extremely easy to mistake it for something else and just by judging or looking at it it gives off the greenish algae you see fish feeding off of it,” says Victor Ash with Mobile Baykeeper.

He took a sample. We also gave him another sample. Both samples will be tested.

“Great,” says Wells. “That’s the best news that I’ve heard.”

Until the results are in a lot of folks, like Christine Baker, are staying out of the water. “I would certainly be interested to know what it is. I wouldn’t want my dogs or my child to get in this water for sure.”

Initial analysis points to algae but it will take 24 hours for the results of the Baykeeper tests. We will share them as soon as we get them.


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