BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) – Places like Bohemian Park start getting busy this time of year and that’s why Mobile Baykeeper is watching the water closely.

“We’re testing for bacteria that can make you sick, so we’re finding out if those levels are high. High to a point to where you might not want to swim or if they’re low and you might want to jump in the water,” said Cade Kistler.

Dangerous levels of bacteria are already showing up in Baldwin County waterways. A lot of problems are surfacing after heavy rain.

“Everything washes off from pet waste to potential sewage spills so that’s when you really need to be on the lookout is a day or two after heavy rain that’s when those bacteria levels go highest,” he added.

Starting this month the environmental watchdog group is testing 13 sites across Mobile and Baldwin Counties weekly, mainly popular swimming areas like rivers and creeks. The state tests 25 additional sites along Mobile Bay and closer to the Gulf of Mexico.

“When we see sites that repeatedly have high levels of bacteria we start looking into where’s that coming from and how can we work to stop those sources whether it’s sewage spills, septic tanks, or something else entirely,” said Kistler.

So far this week only one area in Baldwin County near Weeks Bay was closed to swimming, but Mobile Baykeeper encourages you to download their app to monitor changes.

You can find the app and useful information by clicking here.