FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission has voided all licenses they awarded earlier this year. Thursday, the commission voted to let applicants present why they should be considered for a medical marijuana license. The commission also set a schedule for these presentations.

“We feel like we have a timeline that will certainly be aggressive, we see the end,” Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission Chairman, Rex Vaughn said.

Starting on Nov. 27 Cultivator and State testing Laboratory applicants will begin to make their presentations. Nov. 28 Secure Transporter and Processor applicants will make theirs, Nov. 29 Dispensary applicants will make theirs, and Dec. 4 through Dec. 8 Integrated Facility Applicants will make their presentations.

Oscity labs in Foley Alabama have been denied a license twice despite already having a marijuana farm and laboratory.

CEO of Oscity labs, Ray French, hopes that he can win over the commission with his pitch.

“Hopefully, they can consider us because we’re already operational were from Alabama and this is what we do,” French said.

Although the board is hearing pitches, the scores previously given are here to stay.

“We feel like the scores should be completely thrown out,” French said.

The commission chairman said that if everything goes to plan medical cannabis should be available by spring.