FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) – Water problems continue to disrupt daily life in Fairhope, even more so in recent days.

“We’ve had several in the last week and a lot is just aging infrastructure,” said Fairhope Mayor Sherry Sullivan.

The problem is years in the making, but it’s reaching a boiling point. Every few days it seems a Facebook post surfaces, alerting residents of the issue.

“For a long time water systems used a thin wall pipe. When they’re in the ground and there’s shifting and that kind of stuff eventually they’re going to break. You also have other factors like lightning, or you may have a contractor that hits a pipe,” said Mayor Sullivan.

Most of the problems this week have been along County Road 34 and County Road 32 near Danne Road. The water outages are affecting residents for several hours each time, but Mayor Sherry Sullivan says the city is working to make sure these frequent outages are fixed for good. Several water projects are already in next year’s budget, she says.

“I would say within the next budget year you’re going to see some of those problem areas see some upgrade,” she added. 

For now residents living in some of these “hot spot” areas are left waiting for the permanent repairs to be made. Mayor Sullivan says in a lot of cases crews are able to cut and replace a portion of the affected pipe, but near Danne Road the problems require more manpower.

“We need to do some larger projects where we can get the other pipe in there versus the thin wall pipe that’s in the ground now,” Sullivan said. 

She says a lot of the crews have been working overtime hours to make needed repairs.