BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — Warmer weather and recent rain showers are creating a storm of their own in Baldwin County.

“As the temperatures warm up this is their season, their breeding season. They’re looking for blood meals, they’re looking for you and this time of year they’re going to come find you,” said Fred Pierce with Wildlife Solutions.

Mosquitos are finding places to thrive easily this month, according to Pierce. In fact, he’s responding to more service calls this month compared to this time last year. Typically the majority of his service calls don’t come until May.

“But, I had so many calls in April I actually had to kick off early,” said Pierce.

Pierce says there are things you can do now around the house before mosquitos take over like making sure there’s no standing water outside. That includes water in dog bowls left overnight which could serve as a breeding spot for the pesky insects.

“Keep your yard cut and keep your leaves up,” said Peirce. It’s important to take those steps, he says. Mosquitos also spread diseases with West Nile Virus already reported in Alabama this year.

“The tiger mosquito is one of the worst ones we have. It’s the one that actually carries the diseases in this area. The problem with those mosquitos is a lot of times you’ll find out you have a problem when you’re in the hospital,” said Pierce.