Video allegedly shows Spanish Fort mayor slapping employee, attorney weighs in

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SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG) — Video allegedly showing Spanish Fort Mayor Mike McMillan slapping the city’s former magistrate leaked on social media late Wednesday night.

The video has been at the center of an investigation since last October when the alleged incident took place inside city hall. Since then, the employee, Lyndsey Cooper, was fired for insubordination. Her attorney, Edward Smith, tells us he believes the firing was out of retaliation for Cooper filing a criminal complaint against the mayor.

WKRG News 5’s Blake Brown first watched the video last December when it was shown to him by a source close to the investigation. Now, the video is public and everyone is making assumptions as to what the video shows.

“When somebody walks up the camera is triggered to come on. That’s what happened. The mayor walks in the door, walks up and the camera comes on,” said Smith, describing how the surveillance system inside Spanish Fort City Hall works.

The video shows what appears to be McMillan and Cooper looking at a computer screen at the front desk.

“My client is having trouble finding something on her computer so the mayor walks around behind the desk. When he’s there what you’re seeing in the video is the back of my client’s head,” said Smith.

You see what appears to be Mayor McMillan bring his right hand towards Cooper’s face. Her head suddenly jolts back.

“I’ve heard people express all matters of possibility. Maybe he was just acting like he was going to hit her,” Smith added.

He believes the video speaks for itself. He says he was hoping city officials would release the video before it got to this point and it was never his intention for the video to be released this way. Smith adds he doesn’t know the individual who posted the video online or how he had a copy of it.

“There is a criminal proceeding happening and you don’t want to impact the fairness of that,” he added, discussing the criminal case against the mayor.

A court date hasn’t been selected as of yet.


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