Veterans Voices: Honoring the red, white and blue in Orange Beach

Baldwin County

ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) — Every day, Anthony Hood goes to work for the city of Orange Beach. “I spray mosquito’s for the whole city of Orange Beach.” But in his travels, a disturbing sight for this Navy veteran. “I started noticing all the flags around town that were torn and tattered or ripped or faded and I went to the Harbor Freight and bought a bunch of flags.”

From that moment on he’s kind of been pulling double duty, while on the job. “I’ve been going around replacing the flags before they get in the trash.”

He doesn’t ask for anything in return just permission to replace “Old Glory” and properly retire the tattered and torn banner. “It’s something you don’t think about every day. You put that flag up years ago. You weren’t thinking about the wind is going to damage it.”

He pays for all of this, out of his own pocket. So far, he’s collected more than two dozen flags which he will eventually take to the local American Legion to be properly retired. “It feels good in my heart. It just makes me feel good,” he says with a smile.

Doing good is often simple. For Hood it’s not only simple, but it’s also the honorable thing to do.

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