ORANGE BEACH, Ala. (WKRG) — Launching a boat at The Launch on the ICW in Orange Beach, is not that big a deal. But, taking one out can leave a boater shaking their head.

“I thought great, I’m going to use the new ramp,” said Capt. Ringo from Elberta. “It’s kind of a pain.”

That is because all six boat ramps are uneven. Only by a matter of inches but that can make a big difference.

“Taking the boat off the trailer will be easy but putting it back on the trailer will be hard if the trailer is not level,” said boater Dave Grayson. “With my Tritoon, it will be uneven to put the boat back on the trailer so I’ll have to go in at an angle to try to make the trailer level so I can get the boat back on.”

The issue was discovered as more and more boaters used the new launch. Engineers and contractors are trying to come up with a fix. “The easiest solution to me is painting some lines so that people know exactly what angle to go in because if you go by the dock you are going to be tilted,” said Capt. Ringo.

The $17 million boat launch and park unofficially opened almost two weeks ago. The grand opening set for April 28 has been postponed while engineers try and straighten things up before the busy boating season arrives.

Baldwin County engineer Joey Nunnally said this will not be an easy fix but they hope to have a plan soon and he said The Launch will remain open while a rework on the ramps is done.