“Ugliest yard” transformation revealed in Fairhope

Baldwin County

FAIRHOPE, Ala. (WKRG) — From cluttered, to clean. “Ripped up the old and put in the new and it’s been quite the transformation.”

From over grown, to a gathering spot. “They were able to accomplish all of this and it is just beautiful,” says Reba Cunningham who’s more than 10 thousand dollar yard re-do in Fairhope is complete.

“They have made it so wonderful, I’m so grateful,” says Cunningham. “They have taken my foundation of stuff that I had planted 25 years ago and they have enhanced it so, that’s the best of both worlds.”

Cunningham was in the hospital with a cancer diagnosis when she found out she won the “Ugliest Yard Contest” earlier this month. The transformation began shortly after her release from the hospital.

“I love it, I love it,” says Robin Luce with Jubileescape. “It’s a cottage garden. It’s not a formal garden.”

For almost thirty years, the retired school teacher has lived here collecting and planting. There were things that stayed. “The fence was here when I moved into this house and I have always loved it,” says Cunningham. Other things had to go. “When we first showed up on site there was a very large bush or tree whatever you want to call it out here that was overwhelming the side of the house and now that it is gone, things are opened up, organized,” says Allen Woerner with Woerner Farms.

“This was a great learning process for compromise cause I gave up on some of those whimsical, zany what have you’s and went more with landscaping. So, it’s a change but I’m enjoying it more than I realized I would,” says Cunningham.

Change isn’t always scary according to Cunningham. Sometimes, it’s just what the doctor ordered. “I like being outside again. I had lost it, I don’t know ten years or so maybe. So I’m glad to get back to this one.”

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