LILLIAN, Ala. (WKRG) — A goat dyed blue and green, animal cruelty or a prank gone terribly wrong?

“This was supposed to be a prank on my cousin,” says Erica Farmer now facing charges of theft and animal cruelty. “I thought it was her goat. She had posted, her brother had posted four days prior “New Kid” and she was holding a goat in her yard.”

During a weekend visit, Farmer says she spotted the little goat neighbors say is a frequent visitor around the neighborhood. “I fed it grapes and cucumbers and loved it and we played,” says Farmer.

She admits she took the goat, “to get the shampoo and show my daughter because she is obsessed with goats.”

She brought the goat back and was later arrested and charged with theft and animal cruelty for the dye job. “Who is going to steal a goat? Why would I want to steal a goat? I thought it was my cousin’s then when I found out I was like, oh my gosh. I even told the officer, let this lady know I’m very sorry. I did not know it was yours. I would never hurt that animal. I promise you it was well taken care of.”

A life long animal lover, Farmer says the cruelty charge is what hurts the most. “I take full responsibility for everything that I did but I did not hurt that goat. I would never hurt any animal.”

The multi-colored goat is safe and back with it’s owners while Farmer waits for her day in court.