BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — This month marked two years since a young mother was shot and killed at a house party in central Baldwin County. Dominique Marshall died after violence broke out at the home in the Elsanor Community on December 15th, 2019. The victim’s father hopes renewed attention will bring new leads and eventually justice. In life, friends described her as a quiet, beloved young mother. In the death of Dominique Marshall, there are many stories and nothing for sure.

“A person says this and that and this, and I just want to know what is true,” said the victim’s father Cornelius Marshall. “My daughter should get the justice she deserves, she did not deserve to get killed like that.” He’s been hopeful for justice since the beginning. While there have been few answers in the last two years, Cornelius Marshall says he’s felt reassured by members of the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

“They let me know her life wasn’t in vain and her death is not in vain and they keep me encouraged,” said Marshall. Dominique Marshall left behind a young child who’s now four. In the years since her father has tried to keep her memory alive--earlier this year placing a roadside cross at the spot where she died on the Baldwin Beach Express. While the long wait has been discouraging, Cornelius Marshall says he hasn’t lost faith.

“You have to trust in God, life can change in a split second, one minute it’s raining the next it’s sunshine,” said Marshall. Like investigators at the sheriff’s office, he’s sure someone knows what went down two years ago.

“Someone is not coming forward and someone knows what happened,” said Marshall. In the last two years, investigators say more guns have been turned over for testing. None of the up to nine firearms tested have been the one that killed Dominique Marshall. Investigators are sure someone has talked about this crime with others and they need people to come forward.