BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) – Cheri Cribbet says an intersection near her home is dangerous and she’s begging the City of Loxley for help.

“We saw a significant accident last Friday where a vehicle rolled and a semi truck jackknifed. Luckily, the person walked away,” said Cribbet.

Bedrock Blvd. at Highway 31 is the entrance to Stonebridge Elementary School and it also connects to hundreds of homes. Cribbet says she worries more accidents will happen there if something isn’t done soon.

“We’ve almost been hit head on twice and many other neighbors as well,” she explained.

The City of Loxley and state transportation officials had hoped to have a traffic light installed before the school first opened last year, but the cost of the project came in $300,000 over budget, making the final price tag close to $1 million. While the new cost hasn’t been made public, we’re told funding has been approved and improvements at the intersection are coming soon.

“The traffic signal has been approved and was set to begin work January 1st but due to not being able to get materials the start date has now been pushed back to mid to late February,” a statement from the city read.

Cribbet says she’s glad the project is moving forward, but wants to see something done now in the meantime before someone gets hurt.

“Get us some temporary help. Can we have some flashing lights? Can we have some police presence at the high times? We don’t need any crosses and memorial wreaths on that intersection. We need help,” said Cribbet.

Once the materials are in it will likely take a couple of weeks to complete the traffic light installation.