LOXLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — Highway 31 at Bedrock Boulevard is the entrance and exit to the new Stonebridge Elementary School scheduled to open next month, but something at the intersection is missing.

“It’ll take some months. I would say if we had it by the first of the year that would be on the fast track,” said Loxley Mayor Richard Teal.

A traffic light that was set to be installed this year has now been put on hold. Stonebridge Elementary School is in Loxley’s jurisdiction and now the city is left with unexpected costs.

“The original bid money we had was $560,000, and I think the bid came back at like $300,000 and something over, so we’re going to go back and do some redesign and bid it out again,” he explained.

Until a lower bid is found, Mayor Teal knows traffic will likely be a problem once school starts back, but he’s pushing for relief. He says the majority of costs would’ve been funded by the Alabama Transportation Rehabilitation and Improvement Program, or ATRIP, but since the bid came back higher he’s not sure where the money will come from to complete the project.

“$500,000 is a lot for a traffic light to me, and then you come back and add another $360,000, so we really need to do our due diligence and look at it and see if we can bring that cost down,” Mayor Teal said.

Stonebridge Elementary opens Aug. 10 when Baldwin County Public School classes resume.

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