Tips for tarping as another hurricane approaches

Baldwin County

FOLEY, Ala. (WKRG) — Hurricane Sally left a patchwork of tarps on roofs of every size, shape and color.

“I had leaks left and right, holes up there, everything.” Jackie Wolf’s home is one of them. “I thought my whole roof was going.”

With another storm possibly headed this way, she and other homeowners can only hope tarps are enough to prevent further damage.

“These are built as a temporary repair not to withstand another hurricane that’s coming.” Ronnie Massengale with ICE Restoration says there are some things homeowners can do that could help. “If you have some tarps up there now, have some furring strips, place them down, something that just gives a little more integrity to the tarp to keep from losing it.” And, he says, you can never use too many capping nails. “It does grab a little bit more. If you can put these on. If you’re spacing these with enough in ’em it’s going to help.”

Some homeowners have done the best they could with what they’ve had to work with. Jackie Wolf hopes she’s done enough, “I don’t know, we’re going to play it by ear I guess.”

With so much left to repair the last thing anyone wants to deal with is damage from another storm.


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