BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — A lady in waiting and a lot of folks waiting for her return.

“Everybody that comes down here wants to see her,” said John Jenkins. “They’ve heard about her and they want to come see her.”

The sculpture of a lady’s head and knees just above the water’s surface is an artist’s interpretation of a bath time soaking. The sculpture was heavily damaged by Hurricane Sally in 2020.

“It was just her knees left in the water,” said Pam Watts. “The head was gone the knees were left.”

She was sent back to artist Mark Cline for repairs and more than two years after the storm she was returned home to Barber Marina. Her homecoming turned into quite a spectator event. “Everybody wanted to come out and support it,” said Melanie Bedsole-Beck.

For Ann Godfrey and company it was a must-see. “We had a girl’s trip today and got to see all the attractions, I guess you would call it that. The dinosaurs and got to see the Lady put back in the Bay.”

The marina hosts a large collection of unusual sculptures, dinosaurs, a replica of Stonehenge along with other surprises scattered around the property. But Friday, it was all about one particular sculpture and in just a matter of minutes, with some precise maneuvering and a diver making sure she would stay put, the “Lady” is back where she belongs.

“I’m glad to see her back,” added Watts. “It’s just one of those things that is part of the community here, love it.”