BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) — You’ve probably noticed an unwanted Gulf Coast visitor is back.

“All the termites, Formosan especially, are swarming at night,” said Fred Pierce with Wildlife Solutions.

Swarms of termites are easy to spot at night since early May and they likely won’t exit the area until July or after, according to Pierce. Spring is mating season for these termites and for now they’re here to stay.

“For the next several months you want to keep your lights off, just monitor the situation because it does take several months for this to transpire. It will let up, it just takes a little time,” he said.

Even though Wildlife Solutions doesn’t handle termite calls, Pierce does have advice for those looking for help at home.

“If you start seeing them coming in your house tape your windows and use a vacuum cleaner to suck them up. If they start coming out of your wall get a piece of tape and put it on the wall, don’t spray it, and contact your provider,” Pierce added.

It’s not the only problem Baldwin County residents are seeing right now. Yellow flies are here early this year and the expected rainfall this week isn’t helping.

“Normally we don’t see a lot of this increase this time of year. It usually starts next month or a little later in the summer it starts kicking off, but this year we’ve seen in actually months earlier,” he continued.

He says the humidity and summer months will bring even more insects to our part of the world. You can prepare now by keeping shrubs a few feet away from your home and by making sure your home is properly sealed.