Termite swarms are back, creating problems in Baldwin County

Baldwin County

BALDWIN COUNTY, Ala. (WKRG) – If you haven’t seen a termite swarm yet consider yourself lucky. Termites are already causing problems on the Eastern Shore.

“Usually this time of the year, Mother’s Day is usually the time of the year everything starts to happen,” said Fred Pearce with WSI Pest Management.

Pierce has years of experience working with termites and dealing with the pesky insect. He says when you see a swarm of termites it’s time to take action immediately.

“The most important thing is to shut your lights off at night during this time of year. Usually for about a month or two you want to keep your lights down,” he added.

It’s mating season right now and that could mean real problems where you live. Pierce recently responded to a home in Daphne where termites destroyed a large oak tree. He says you can’t always spot the problems right away.

“Once the tree was cut down the whole inside core was nothing but formosan termite carton, but the tree looked pretty healthy,” he said.

As for your home, make sure you have a plan of action just in case termites decide to stick around.

“If they do get into your home the best thing to do is take painter’s tape, tape up your doors and windows, shut the lights down. If they make it inside you can use a vacuum cleaner to vacuum them up,” Pierce continued.

He says if you see termites coming out of your walls call an expert right away.

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