SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG) — Businesses line Highway 31 in Spanish Fort, but there’s one you won’t find anywhere in the city limits.

“As it stands now, tattoo parlors are not allowed in the city,” Mayor Mike McMillan said on Wednesday.

That’s because an old ordinance bans tattoo shops in Spanish Fort, but that could change later this month when a public hearing on the issue is held.

“It’s become a little different time,” McMillan said. “Tattoos are not what they once were, and because of that, we needed to look at the ordinance about changing it.”

That’ll happen on Nov. 20 at city hall, and Mayor McMillan said the change is supported by many folks. The public hearing allows residents to voice their opinions and offer feedback before deciding.

“I always like to go to a public hearing with an open mind to see what the public has to say about it, and we’ll make decisions based on that,” McMillan said. “It has passed the planning commission. It came as a recommendation from them.”

If the ordinance is changed, there will be strict criteria in place before a tattoo parlor can open in the city. McMillan said those guidelines will be addressed this month.

“They have to be outside 500 feet for churches, preschools, schools, parks, daycares,” McMillan said. “Outside 250 feet for residential areas.”

The public hearing will be held Monday, Nov. 20, at 6 p.m.