SUMMERDALE, Ala. (WKRG) — There is always something to do around a fire station. Summerdale volunteer firefighters have to do what they can between calls and those calls for service are increasing.

“When I first walked in as a volunteer we were averaging about 20 calls a month,” says Deputy Chief Michael Aaron. “Now we are running 80 to 90 calls a month.”

As volunteers, they are not getting paid but that could begin to change with a proposal before the town council next week.

“I believe it will be approved,” says council member Norma Giles. “It is for a new full-time secretary and two part-time paid firemen which hopefully one day we will be a paid fire department.”

Business owners like Sean Burns have watched as the department has gotten bigger and he says better.

“They support our community and it is nice knowing that you are safe, that you have a good crew to take care of you if you need it.”

The fire department currently has over forty volunteers on its roster. Adding a couple of paid positions is a small step but according to Aaron, it could be the first step to a full-time, paid department.

“We are ironing out the framework to provide that type of fire department.”

Any changes have to be approved by the town council and they could do that at their next meeting Monday night.