SPANISH FORT, Ala. (WKRG) – Highway 31 was expanded from 2 lanes to 4 last year in Spanish Fort, but there’s one final part of the widening project that still needs to wrap up.

“We’ve got basically about 38% of the lights put up. Now, we can go forward with the rest of them,” said Spanish Fort Mayor Mike McMillan.

It’s a project that’s been delayed for over 8 months while roughly 200 punch list items were completed along the newly widened stretch of highway. Even though some of the street lights were installed on the north side of Highway 31 last year they’ve never been turned on, keeping drivers in the dark while the remaining lights are stored at Riviera Utilities waiting to be installed.

“We’ve had the lights sitting on the yard at Riviera Utilities ready to go, we’ve paid for them. It’s just now a matter of getting them all hooked up,” Mayor McMillan explained.

Crews began laying the final electrical wires Wednesday, a task that should take about 3 weeks to complete. Then, by October, the additional street lights will start going up on both sides of Highway 31 in Spanish Fort, but it will still take a while before all 156 LED street lights are turned on.

“You’re still looking at a 10-12 week time with the electrical connections and everything because of delays. Hopefully, we’ll get it close at Christmas, but we don’t know for sure,” he said. “I can’t wait to light it up because it’s going to make a total different picture on Highway 31 at night,” McMillan continued.