SUMMERDALE, Ala. (WKRG) — One week after a horrific, high-speed crash took the life of Mt. Vernon Police Officer Ivan Lopez in Summerdale, the investigation continues. So far no names have been released of the occupants of the other vehicle involved.

A memorial now sits along a busy stretch of Highway 59 at the intersection of County Road 36. Flowers and mementos along with a photograph of Lopez cover the very spot where his police cruiser came to rest that night.

A week after the crash very little new information is being made public by investigators.

The Baldwin County District Attorney’s office and the Summerdale Police Department are working with other law enforcement agencies to continue the investigation. They tell News 5 they want to be as thorough as possible before naming anyone or possible charges. An update is expected later this week.

Last Monday night, Lopez was driving home after ending his shift in Mt. Vernon when he was hit by a pickup truck. Investigators said the pick-up was traveling twice the post speed limit when they blew through a stop sign and crashed into Lopez’s police car. He was killed instantly, according to investigators.

Two other people were taken to the hospital. One was released two days later and the other remains in University Hospital.

News 5 has confirmed at least one of the occupants of the truck that crashed into Officer Lopez has retained an attorney. However, that attorney is also refusing official comment at this time.